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Software and other works we utilize

We would like to thank to everybody contributed to Free Software, provide everybody (including us) tools.

In general

Thanks to FSF, GNU, Linux Kernel Contributors and all other Free Software communities/teams.


Arch Linux, Artix and Ubuntu.

sway, i3 and gnome

ungoogled-chromium and uBlock Origin are strongly recommended.

pass for managing credentials.


Alpine Linux for immutable/lightweight/disposable setups.

Devuan with OpenRC for legacy/stateful setups.


containerd and runC


openvswitch, dnsmasq, tinc-vpn

StevenBlack/hosts for dns blacklists


Check our work/experiments on nbd-rs.


HTTP Server

We mostly use nginx as the main http server/proxy, in some environments haproxy.

Sometimes we use caddy for local development environment, but cannot use it yet for production environments due to difficult licensing models. Waiting for a fix.

As embedded http server frameworks, we use express, tornado.

Communication and collaboration tools

Rocket.chat and Mattermost.

Gitlab; We also provide consultation for Gitlab through our partner Creationline, please contact them for inquiries.

Gitea/(Originally Gogs) and gitolite




We play some games using wine, some using Qemu/kvm + vfio to run some software similar to an operating system, to run games built specifically to run on that software.

We play games a lot using ioquake3

The Battle for Wesnoth


Also some proprietary games, StarCraft, Quake 3 Arena, Overwatch, Half-Life/Counter-Strike, Super Bomberman 5 (SNES/sufami), Doom (!), …

This web page

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The excellent font used in the website is, JetBrains Mono, generously shared with the Open Source community by JetBrains, under SIL Open Font License 1.1.

Proprietary software

Due to some technical, or some other requirements, we sometimes use proprietary software to a degree. And we’re not proud of that. And we will not list them here.