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List of projects we’re currently working on is as follows.

Please also check Past Work on bottom of this page.


Beiran is a set of P2P package distribution tools. Currently it is under heavy development, and primarily focusing on container images.

This is a joint project with our partner Creationline Inc..


Rainkube is our container platform project. We have been working on it since Late-2018. You can expect a public beta soon, probably around Summer or Fall 2019.

Please get in contact if you want to be involved, or for any inquiries about this.

Realtime Video/Audio Streaming, TV, VOD Applications

We’re currently involved in a big Japanese video streaming service, developing their iOS, tvOS and Android applications and conducting UX/UI research and design.

Dev-Ops suite

We provide a Dev-Ops suite setup, maintenance and support service. Mainly focused around GitLab.

There is only 1 active customer at this moment.

Infrastructure Engineering Support

We’re involved in Kubernetes team of a relatively large project of a Japanese automative company. Our work consists of setting up k8s environments, researching and deploying applications on clusters. Dealing with business requirements, development team requirements and infrastructure requirements at the same time.

Past work

Here is some select works we have done until recently is listed below, along with tools and technologies have been used.