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List of projects we’re currently working on is as follows.

Please also check Past Work on bottom of this page.

MEC Seamless connectivity research with Kubernetes

(Customer work, System and Software Engineering, Active, Since Summer-2019)

Data Ingestion Pipeline, realtime processing and feedback system

(Customer work, System and Software Engineering, Active, Since Spring-2019)

Currently factory / manufacturing focused. Analyzing production quality, using machine learning to adjust parameters on the fly and try to improve yields. Research/Development and actual trials are being done in parallel.

Infrastructure Engineering Support

(Customer work, System Engineering, Active, Since Mid-2018)

We work in the Kubernetes team of a relatively large project of a Japanese automative company. Our work consists of setting up k8s environments, researching and deploying applications on clusters. Dealing with business requirements, development team requirements and infrastructure requirements at the same time.

Realtime Video-on-demand / streaming service

(Customer work, Software Engineering, UX Research, Active, Since Late-2017)

This is a project of a major Japanese video streaming service. We work in following topics;

What we mainly did/do are;



Rainkube is a Cluster Management Platform, under heavy development. We have been working on it since Late-2018. It is currently heavily focused around Kubernetes, delivering raw kubernetes experience. We’re now accepting private Beta applications.

Please get in contact if you want to be involved, or for any inquiries about this.



Beiran is a P2P package distribution tool. Currently it is under heavy development, and primarily focusing on container images.

This is a joint project with our partner Creationline Inc..

Dev-Ops suite

(Managed Service)

We provide Managed Dev-Ops suite setup, maintenance and support service. Mainly focused around GitLab.

Past work

Here is some select works we have done until recently is listed below, along with tools and technologies have been used.

Container-as-a-Service platform trial

(Customer work, System and Software Engineering, Complete, Summer-2019)

This work is a continuation of previous research stages done for the same company, a major Japanese Telecommunication/Technology company. In this stage we actually do final trials before production stage.

Realtime GPU based video processing system using machine learning

Container-as-a-service platform research

For a major Japanese telecommunications company

Satellite TV broadcasting system

Bluetooth indoor location tracking system

Manufacturing process management tool

Mobile Application development for a major Japanese TV channel

Hi-Fi playback support with external DACs for a streaming music application