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Contact us to include our workforce in your project.

Software Development

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers can help your projects. Whenever you need help with backend applications, mobile & tv applications, automation tools, and anything around Linux and servers, we’re here to assist you.


Time is precious. You shouldn’t be doing anything that a computer can do for you. You need to automate most of your manual tasks, starting with the most tedious and time-consuming ones.

Web Applications

We cover the complete flow of producing a web application, from the initial study and User Experience research, to the UI Design, API/Client application development, as well as integration with other systems.

Hosted Services

We provide monitoring, maintenance services for our customers applications in production and keep their uptime as high as possible. When we take over the maintenance, we typically check and improve maintainability if necessary, as well as periodic/incremental backups for disaster recovery. We also modernize, improve or deploy logging, monitoring and alert software.

We can also help in a scenario where you’re tightly tied to an evil vendor and you want to move out. It can be relatively quick and smooth with some preparation. And since we don’t do vendor-lock-in, you will be provided with best-of-class vendor-agnostic IaaS solutions, sources and usage documentation included.


We have our own mini-datacenter for development/test environments and non-mission-critical workloads. It’s not a datacenter protected by armed guards and such yet, so the price is competitive in exchange. Our customers like to run some of their ops environment, build machines and learning/dev/test environments in our mini-datacenter.

Please contact us if you’d like to run your own hardware in our mini-datacenter, or if you prefer renting our equipment, or VMs(VPS).

Maintenance and Support

We manage and maintain already in-use software/applications for our customers. We can incrementally improve existing solutions and keep them going for years.

This kind of support is also provided for open source / free software; when there are no official support, we can provide support instead. By purchasing such service from us, your company would also be supporting the Open Source / Free Software ecosystem.

Linux Consulting

We share our expertise in various areas such as server provisioning and deployment, architecture design, system monitoring and management, containerization of traditional applications, and so on.

UI Design

We provide UX / UI design for applications, industrial appliances, and web pages.

Printed Material Design

We are doing various printed material like flyers, brochures, products and logo design. By discussing with our customers and learning their expectations and requirements we brush up and provide high quality design.

Technical Workshops

We’d like to host various technical workshops about programming, electronics, Linux and similar topics. Please contact us if your team needs such workshops.